Zoo Chase!

How To Play:


1. Introduce/familiarize the students with the vocabulary to be used. Have all the students form a big circle of chairs facing inwards. Have one less chair than there are students as one student or the teacher will be squatting in the center of the circle.


2. Give each student an animal card, and test/cue that they know which words correspond with their card by referring to the 'cue cards' e.g. the elephant animal cards corresponds with 'big' and 'cute'.


3. Finally, the teacher/a student can squat in the center and call out "You are cute", "You are scary", "You are big", "You are small", or "Zoo Chase". Anyone who has a 'big', 'small', 'cute', or 'scary' animal must stand if that word matches their animal and change seats. The teacher/student in the center will also try to sit in a chair at this time. If the teacher/student calls out ‘Zoo Chase’ everyone must change seats.


4. Now that the teacher/student has found a chair to sit in there should be one student left standing. This student squats in the center and gets to choose the next word (repeat of step 3).


5. The teacher may require the student in the center to make a sentence/do a question-answer regarding their animal before allowing them to call out something. The student in the center may refer to the cue cards if needed.

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