Top 10 Blogs for International ESL Students

Top 10 Blogs for International ESL Students

Congratulations to the following list of ESL blogs that made our Top 10 Award Designation. If you're an ESL student hoping to study abroad, then these sites are definitely for you. And let's not forget the teachers. If you're an ESL teacher opening the minds of young students to the world of English, these sites are great resources for your students as they pursue their dreams.

These are amazing sites that are run by incredible teams of writers, administrators, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Whether you're a student, a teacher, or a parent... these sites offer incredible resources and opportunities for you to explore the world of studying abroad.


Study Abroad is a great website run by Education Dynamics.  They're a leading source of educational opportunities for students all over the world.  Their website is amazingly rich with content, has a pretty snazzy design, and is a great way for students to find opportunities abroad.  Check out their scholarship section, which is incredibly valuable for folks hoping to save money with their time abroad.

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international language esl center

Language International is another great, in depth resource for students hoping to study English abroad.  They've compiled an almost complete list of opportunities that you can search through via their handy to use map.  You can really narrow down your criteria well with their search menu on the homepage, too.  A great site!

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#3 is the go to site for studying English in the United States.  It's an incredibly rich site with a ton of resources. We were particularly struck with two of their plans, which are in Colorado and Arkansas.  I've spent a lot of my life all over the Mid-West, and I can assure students that there isn't a nicer place to study.  Also, if you don't go on at least one Float Trip in the summer, you've missed a huge opportunity!!!

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Learn4Good is a really well-thought out and executed resource for students hoping to not only study English, but any language.  They've got a comprehensive list of programs abroad.  They've also got a nifty little page that let's you search by any language and any country, so you can really get a sense of what you can achieve abroad.

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ELS is so easy to use.  They've really simplified the pretty confusing process of finding, applying, and attending ESL programs abroad.  You can search by program type, country, or university.  And the site's design is really snazzy, which we're fans of.

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Study USA is a great resource for International ESL students who want to study in the United States.  They've got a great interactive map that really let's you narrow down where you want to enroll by region.  This is great, specifically since students often forget about the pros and cons of studying in different areas, specifically as it relates to travel time.  The USA is huge!  So many of our students have gone to the United States to study, thinking that studying in New York City would allow them to conveniently allow them to visit family and friends in other parts of the country, which is often just not possible.  Their map really let's that idea sink in.  Great tool!

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Esl Languages has over 20 languages ready for you to study.  Over 20!  It's not only a great resource for ESL students, but also for teachers.   For ESL teachers who were hoping to hone a new language while teaching abroad, you can most definitely find a great program here.

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Vive Campus puts you into universities and language schools.  And they do that really well.   It's really amazing how they emphasize certificate programs abroad, too.  In ESL students' home countries, English language assessment results can lead to better jobs, better treatment in society, and a real improvement in lifestyle.  A lot of teachers don't realize that when referring their ESL students to programs, so this site is definitely important when you make a point of that.

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If you want to make sure that you get into the university of your choice, then you've got to use Crimson Education.  They'll guide, double-check, and optimize your application.  Which is an awesome resource, considering how competitive admissions can be for ESL students.  If you want to make sure you get into your dream university, go here.

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Kaplan International is the grandaddy of all of this.  It's an absolutely terrific place to go when finding courses abroad.  The best part of Kaplan is the trust.  With that name, you know you're going to be able to find a quality program that peers, future employers, and universities will respect.

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