ESL Conversation Lesson: Immersive Travel & Video Preview

ESL Conversation Lesson: Immersive Travel & Video Preview

For this ESL conversation lesson on immersive travel, I explore and demonstrate the warm-up conversation question on immersive travel as well as a hypothetical warm-up conversation question section of the ESL lesson in a preview video. Feel free to show it to your students as an example or warm-up before starting your lesson.

If you are just looking to download the free ESL conversation pdf just scroll past the lesson descriptions and click the image to get the free ESL conversation lesson pdf, and if you find it useful I've made a book format as well which includes 24 lessons.

Our lesson format includes imagery, table topic, hypothetical table topic, guided conversation questions, two conversational activities, and a homework project.

Some ESL conversation questions in the lesson include:

Which of the immersive experiences or destinations sounds the most appealing to you? Why so?  Where do you go or what do you do when you want to immerse yourself in something?  What's the most immersive experience you've ever had? What's the most immersive experience you've had while traveling? What kind of people or environment do you like to surround yourself with? Where is the best place to take a dip in your home country?  What did you soak in the most during your education? How about on your last trip? From your parents or closest friend?


Lesson  topics


immerse: to become completely involved in something  
Whenever I find a great book, I become completely immersed.
surround oneself with: to have (certain types of people or things) near oneself  
Reykjavik, Iceland is a great place to surround yourself with nature. It's a beautiful and peaceful place where you can really immerse yourself.  
take a dip: (informal) to swim  
La fortuna, costa rica is famous for its' waterfalls. Head there and immerse yourself in nature by taking some dips.  
zone out: to stop paying attention and not hear or see what is around you for a short period of time  
Tulum, Mexico is a great place to zone out on the beach with a good book. You might find yourself so immersed that you forget to travel home.  
soak in: to spend time experiencing and enjoying the mood or feeling in a place; to absorb into yourself or memory deeply  
Singapore is a great place to soak in the locals' taste in food by visiting the numerous local traditional food markets.


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