ESL Conversation Lesson: Canadian Idioms/Expressions &  Video Preview

ESL Conversation Lesson: Canadian Idioms/Expressions & Video Preview

For this ESL conversation lesson on Canadian idioms and expressions, I explore and demonstrate the warm-up conversation question on Canadian stereotypes as well as a hypothetical warm-up conversation question section of the ESL lesson in a preview video. Feel free to show it to your students as an example or warm-up before starting your lesson.

If you are just looking to download the free ESL conversation pdf just scroll past the lesson descriptions and click the image to get the free ESL conversation lesson pdf, and if you find it useful I've made a book format as well which includes 24 lessons.

Our lesson format includes imagery, table topic, hypothetical table topic, guided conversation questions, two conversational activities, and a homework project.

Some ESL conversation questions in the lesson include:

Have you ever been to Canada? How was it? If not, would you like to go?
Have you ever met a canuck? What was your experience like?
Do you know of any Canadian foods or products? Can you describe them?
 Do you like to drink? How much? Does your home country have something like a two-four? How about a mickeyHave you ever seen something that was a real beauty? Tell me about it.  Do you know anyone who is a keener? Did you manage to get along with them well? 


Lesson  topics



two-four: a 24 pack of beer
american english equivalent: case 
Can you stop by the market on your way home and grab a two-four
mickey: a small 375ml bottle of liquor 
american english equivalent: a flask 
I usually sneak a mickey into the club when we go dancing. 
canuck: a slang term for canadians 
american usage of canuck: a canadian (sometimes derogatory) 
There seem to be a lot of canucks at this hockey game.
beauty: refers to something that was done well, or to an exceptional person 
american english equivalent:something else 
That was a beauty. I haven't seen a hockey goal like that in a long while. 
keener: refers to someone who tries too hard to please others or is overly enthusiastic
 american english equivalent: brown-noser, nerd 
What a keener! That's not what he really thinks at all, he is just telling him what he wants to hear.


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