ESL Conversation Lesson: Beach Culture & Video Preview

ESL Conversation Lesson: Beach Culture & Video Preview


For this ESL conversation lesson on beach culture, I stopped by our school and classroom and previewed the lesson a bit by going over the vocabulary and also gave some ESL teaching tips in the video above.

If you are just looking to download the free ESL conversation pdf just scroll past the lesson descriptions and click the image to get the free ESL conversation lesson pdf, and if you find it useful I've made a book format as well which includes 24 lessons.

Our lesson format includes imagery, table topic, hypothetical table topic, guided conversation questions, two conversational activities, and a homework project.

Some ESL conversation questions in the lesson include:

Which of the travel destinations on the previous page sound the best to you? Why so?  Are there any beach-side activities you enjoy?  What kind of weather do you enjoy? Is there anything you like to do during sunny weather?  Where do you like to kick back and relax Are you any good at swimming? If so, where do you like to swim? Have you ever tried to float?  What do you think of sunning? Have you ever tried it?  Have you ever been scuba diving or snorkeling? What was the experience like? 

Lesson topics


 fun in the sun: to enjoy oneself in sunny weather

 I've been stuck indoors all day. Let's head to the beach. I'm ready for some fun in the sun.

 dive spot: specific places that recreational scuba divers go to enjoy the underwater environment

 If you are looking for some excellent scuba diving, head to the dive spots on the beaches of Cote d'Azur, France.

 salinity: the concentration of dissolved salt in a given volume of water

 Head to the beaches in Israel to kick back and relax as you are able to float in the famous high-salinity beaches.

 floating village: a group of floating houses smaller than a town which is residential and self-sufficient

 Head to the beaches in Vietnam and stop by the floating villages. Though they were originally built for fishermen returning to sell their fresh catches from the previous evening, each village has become self-sufficient and even has police stations.

 sunning: sun tanning; getting some rays

 Head to the beaches in Miami, Florida, if you want to catch some strong rays and do some sunning.

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