ESL Conversation Lesson: Amsterdam & Video Preview

ESL Conversation Lesson: Amsterdam & Video Preview

As this ESL conversation lesson is on Amsterdam I stopped by our school and classroom and previewed the lesson as well as demonstrated one of the conversation activities with our teacher Andrew Bergquist.

If you are just looking to download the free ESL conversation pdf just scroll past the lesson descriptions and click the image to get the free ESL conversation lesson pdf, and if you find it useful I've made a book format as well which includes 24 lessons.

Our lesson format includes imagery, table topic, hypothetical table topic, guided conversation questions, two conversational activities, and a homework project.

Some ESL conversation questions in the lesson include:

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Would you like to go? Why or why not? Which of the activities listed on the previous page sounds most appealing to you? Why so? Does King's Day sound interesting to you? Do you know of any other famous festivals or holidays in other countries that sound interesting? What's your favorite festival or holiday in your home country? What do you think of Amsterdam's special coffeeshops? Would you ever visit one? Do you think the Canals of Amsterdam might be romantic? What's a romantic travel destination you know of?

Lesson topics


coffeshop (no space): in the Netherlands, coffeeshops are establishments where the sale of cannabis for personal consumption by the public is tolerated by the local authorities

If you are confused on which coffeeshops are just regular coffee shops just look for a green and white sticker in the window which designates which type of establishment it is.

red-light district: a part of a city where people and businesses sell sex

A well-known but unusual tourist attraction in Amsterdam is the red-light district.

king's day (koningsdag): a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrated on 27 April; the date marks the birth of King Willem Alexander

King's day is well-known as it is the one day of the year that the Dutch government permits sales on the street without a permit or value added tax (VAT) as well as a large-scale festivities and celebrations.

the canals of amsterdam: a series of artificial rivers for transit laidout in a pattern of concentric half-circles constructed in the 17th century during the golden age of Amsterdam

The best way to see Amsterdam, aside from walking, is by way of a boat tour along the Canals of Amsterdam. 


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