English Teachers of South Korea: Brian Klein

English Teachers of South Korea: Brian Klein

Name: Brian Klein
Hometown: Uijeongbu-si, South Korea via Houston, Tx USA
Age: 34 (35 Korean age)
Currently Living: …not dead yet!
Job: Freelance English Teacher specializing in Adult /Business/Professional English
Find Him On: Instagram

What are you doing right now?
Planning. Always planning.


And what’s your typical day?
Classes all day, train rides all over Seoul, get home and raise a toddler.


Where are you from?
Houston, Texas


Why did you decide to move here?
I have useful skills and experience to market. I like living here. Last, but not least, I wanted to come back since I first left Korea.


Why do you teach?
I love what I do. In a way, it helps me learn and keep my mind sharp. Education is very important, we all need it to promote a healthier and more stable future.


If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing?
Either photography or supply chain.


What separates the good teachers from the bad?
It’s hard to judge someone else. We have our own methods, each with our own strengths and weaknesses. There have been days where I felt like a total failure even with the most well planned lesson versus days when an improvised lesson was a hit.

All I can say is if someone does not want to teach or dislikes Korea (or whatever country they’re in); it’s gonna hurt their quality.


What were the hardest life lessons you had to learn while here?
Communication should be handled delicately, direct, and clear. Some people are horrible at communication and you can’t depend on anyone.


What advice would you give to anyone thinking about teaching abroad or living abroad?
Explore. Explore. Explore. Eat well. Integrate.

Then, when you get home sick (and you will), be a tourist/foreigner for a day. Hit up foods you miss with like minded people.


Do you have any passions or hobbies that you pursue abroad?
Korea is so different than where I grew up, it’s really driven me to become more of a photo nut. I’m still curious and surprised everyday after years of living here!


What would you be doing if you were still in your home country?
Photography or supply chain.


Do you want to add anything else?
The world is quite a small place so it’s important you be your best because that’s going to affect other foreign teachers here; even how this future generation will want to interact with your own people. Don’t forget the mixed families like us. Finally, it is important to understand ignorance through circumstance, and to forgive. That goes both ways for foreigners or Korean. We make mistakes. We learn from it. Some of the best experiences of my life. Big thanks to Hal and Steve for your time and questions.


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