Valentine’s Day Activities for the ESL Classroom: ESL Bomb Game & Valentine's Day Card Craft

Valentine’s Day Activities for the ESL Classroom: ESL Bomb Game & Valentine's Day Card Craft

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Be ready for your ESL Students with this free step-by-step guide on making Valentine's Day cards with clip art and this free Valentine's Day ESL bomb game. In the video above I'll go over it all step by step for you. If you are just looking to get the free PDF download and card game feel free to just scroll past the directions and examples to the bottom of this blog and click on the images to download.

First off, go over the directions and prep yourself for your special ESL Valentine's day class. We've included the clip art, and the target language you'll need including vocabulary, grammar, and examples sentences your students should use when doing the craft.  We've also made it so you can use the directions as a double for ESL Valentine's Day worksheets for the students. In the image below you can see a preview of the directions for the ESL Valentine's Day craft.  Don't forget their is an ESL Valentine's Day review bomb game as well. You can the find the directions in the free PDF download.

First off, have your students practice their Valentine's Day ESL vocabulary by presenting and drilling the Valentine's day clip art we've provided.  Help your 
ESL students understand the vocabulary by providing context with example sentences and TPR (actions). Your ESL students can cut out different sizes for shapes and make creative collages. They can either glue them side by side and make a scene, or cut out the characters and add speech bubbles to create dialogues or stories in their Valentine's Day cards.


Once they are familiar with the target vocabulary you'll be ready to guide them on the ESL materials they'll need for the ESL card craft.  The sky's the limit when it comes to using different sorts of materials for making creative expressive ESL cards. I recommend starting out with a minimum of construction paper, crayons/colored pencils/markers, stickers/images/clip art, glue, and scissors.  However, it goes along way with your ESL students if you throw a few extra things in the mix like flower petals, valentine's day candy wrappers, glitter, string, buttons, paints, and other crafty materials. 

Now it's time to get hands on!  Have them fold their papers.  Don't forget to have them speak the target language we've provided in the red font or a variation of that text.  We want to make sure this is an ESL speaking activity as well! 

Now it's time to have them make some decisions and tailor their cards in their own ways by selecting who they want to make their card for and selecting a theme. There are plenty of examples provided as ESL beginner students might be unfamiliar with American holiday culture.  Encourage them to get creative or humorous with their themes. 

Now it's time to get in a bit more ESL writing activity. There's nothing more touching or appropriate for Valentine's Day than having your students draft their own little mini love letters or love message in their card. Don't be afraid to give them some examples beforehand by making up a wacky or funny example yourself or looking up and showing famous romantic characters relevant to the culture and writing out a brief message or letter yourself. Just make sure you stick to vocabulary and sentence structures that are appropriate to your students' levels. 

Finally, we get to the fun part!  Your students get to be real active and hands on during the last stage of decorating their cards.  Their is no shortage of ways to go in this step so think what your particular students enjoy and consider their level and attention spans. They can create or draw designs themselves, use paints which you provide, color, use stencils, or even add their collages or stories to their Valentine's Day card. 


There you have it!  Your ESL students should end up with something to show off to their friends and family after finishing this ESL activity.  It's always a good idea to pull off ESL activities which end with happy parents as well as students. But wait, still got some time left in your ESL class?  Or have an additional Valentine's Day themed class you need to get through?  We've included a Valentine's Day ESL bomb game for that reason.  You can use it as extra material, build a class around it, or as a way to review what your students have already learned concerning Valentine's Day.  You won't find a cuter ESL bomb game than this one folks! I find my students often respond to the cuteness factor.  If you are looking to move away from boring looking ESL worksheets stick with Hal & Steve for you ESL activity needs. Check out a preview of our ESL bomb below. Just click on the image to download if for free.


ESL bomb games are another great way to practice Valentine’s vocabulary with mixed level students.  If you are looking for more holiday themed ESL bomb game activities click here or other ESL Bomb games like this click here.

Download the Valentine's Day Card craft by clicking on the image below.

Download the Valentine's Day ESL bomb game by clicking on the image below.


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