5 Free Animal Bomb Games

5 Free Animal Bomb Games

Hal here again with another series of ESL bomb games designed to bring a little fun and excitement into your classroom through some of the most tried and true ESL activities: ESL bomb games for kids. But... what exactly are the best ways to use them in the classroom? Glad you asked! I often like to throw a fun pop quiz curve-balls at my students in order to get them serious about reviewing or testing some recent material we have covered. Here are some ways you might use an ESL bomb game for ESL students:

 - quizzing for a test

- a warm-up at the beginning of class

- a review at the end of class

- a fun icebreaker when new students join or a holiday comes along

- for creating a fun and comfortable environment to break in a shy or new student to speaking

Overview & Directions

Now, that you have some ideas on when to use them, let's do a quick overview of how these particular ESL classroom games work.  After forming the ESL students into teams the teacher allows the students to draw a card (face-down). If they get a ‘bomb’ they lose all their points, but they may also collect points by drawing cards with vocabulary words and making sentences or drawing other cards such as ‘change points’. This creates a scoring system which is especially useful for classes of mixed levels or mixed English abilities by allowing an equal chance of scoring points regardless of level or ability, and which allows you to go over the vocabulary and/or grammar in a way that is accessible to all of your students.

Finally... let’s take a look at these series of animal ESL bomb games I’ve put together for you. For the first game I’ve included a direct download free of charge, and for the rest I’ve provided a free coupon, coupon code: DUK0MNyp, where you can download them all for free along by signing up for a teacher’s membership - just click on the image below (free for one month with the coupon code along with no cancellation fee).

Dog breed bomb game

This first ESL bomb game features dog breeds! I haven’t seen a resource like this including dog breeds so I made one. This one features nearly 50 dog breeds so your ESL students will be sure to make some fun new discoveries in the animal world along with picking up their English.  I also added a fun dog trivia/history question so the ESL students can try to guess the origin of the dog breed they draw. I’ve also included a few different cue cards so that you can make sure the students are practicing the grammar you are looking to target, but don’t hesitate to make up your own cue card and tie it to these ESL card games. Watch out for the sheepdog...

Just click on the image below to download!

Sea creature bomb game

The second ESL bomb game I put together features sea life.  Are your students aware of all the spectacular sea creatures that exist in the depths?  Sea horses, clownfish, anglerfish, blowfish, hermit crabs, jellyfish, sea turtles, flying fish, surgeonfish, sea cows, and catfish to name a few. They are all included here. I’ve also included a making words English/spelling task on each card to provide an additional challenge or element of fun as well as cue cards for honing that grammar. Watch out for the hammerhead...

Just click on the image below to download!

Insects bomb game

For the third ESL bomb game, I’ve tackled insect vocabulary.  There is nothing more interesting, exotic, gross, scary, and/or exciting than insects especially when it comes to children.  I’ve found with my ESL elementary students insects hit that plethora of emotional reactions and interests that inhabit the imagination-oriented youngsters.  Ever seen a walking stick? How about a praying mantis, leaf bug, cicada, black widow, earwig, or scorpion? They are all here along with many more. As always, I’ve included cue cards to guide you along with your grammar targets and included an additional element of fun and challenge with science questions pertaining to the lifespan of each insect. And don’t worry, this is an optional part of the game so you can exclude it if it is too difficult for your students (I've included an answer key to guide you just in case). Watch out for the mosquito...

Just click on the image below to download!

Jungle bomb game

For the fourth ESL bomb game, I featured jungle wildlife.  I’ve also added some cards pertaining to navigating the dangers of the jungle. Students can avoid the bomb card and losing all their points by being lucky enough to come across extra life cards like binoculars, signs, and maps. Don’t forget to make use of the cue cards I’ve provided if you are looking to have the students drill on their ESL grammar points. Lastly, the extra question element I’ve added pertains to a sound/onomatopoeia task which usually gets my students buzzing with a bit more silly fun and pronunciation practice. Watch out for the crocodile...

Just click on the image below to download!

Cute animal bomb game

For the fifth and last bomb game I’ve gone the cute route and made a cute animal series. I started out teaching out ESL in Korea, and cuteness is a huge thing there. The students really get into the whole cute factor. Each vocabulary card features an especially cute image of a lovable... or nearly-lovable creature.  I’ve also added an additional (optional) question on each card asking a math question where students are required to calculate the number of body parts a group of animals might have. My ESL students often love combining English and math as a fun new way to think or challenge themselves in English. Watch out for the skunk...  

Just click on the image below to download!

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